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Some projects that I have made along the years. Not listed in any particular order.

grunt-google-fonts (Javascript, View on GitHub)

Grunt plugin to download Google Fonts and making them easy to serve locally. Serving fonts locally saves you couple of DNS-lookups and HTTP-request cutting some milliseconds off of your sites loading time. This also makes it little bit safer as you don't no longer rely on content hosted by others.

Bitorrent-client (Javascript, Node)

Proof of consept Bittorrent-client written in pure Javascript. Supports only single file and single origin transfers.

NodeJs Bittorrent client

node-crunchyroll (Javascript, Node)

Node library for interfacing with the Crunchyroll Manga service. Downloads serie and chapter indexes, and removes the bit obfuscation from the downloaded comic pages. I also made same kind of solution agains Comic-walker.

i18next-php (PHP, View on GitHub)

PHP class for basic i18next functionality. Supports variables, plural forms and post processing with sprintf and plural forms.

AniList-php (PHP, View on GitHub)

Simplifies serie information scraping from

ModuEmu (C, C#, Assembly)

My modular Gameboy emulator project. Emulates Gameboys ROM/RAM memory architecture, registers and parts of Z80 CPU. Got bored midway writing Z80 instructions, so the only functionality is system init by running half of the bootstrapping code.


Crunchyroll Exiled (Javascript, Cordova)

Unofficial client for Crunchyroll Manga service. Got frustrated by the official clients slowness, poor image scaling and lack of proper notifications and bookmarks. Couldn't get the performance to the level I wanted on my old Galaxy Tab 2 (propably needs lower level drawing solution).

Unofficial Crunchyroll client

PHPBitTracker (PHP)

PHPBitTracker is a lightweight Bittorrent tracker written in PHP. Utilizes it's own flat-file database, so doesn't require MySQL.

PHP Bittorrent tracker

Tile-engine in Java (Java)

Simple Java Applet game engine with tile graphics. Made this one somewehere around 2005, before Javascript was viable option for cross platform browser game. Uses self designed map format to produce game world with multiple layers of graphics.

Tile-engine in Java has been my project since 2006, when I couldn't find release dates for manga series I was collecting. Today the site has solid reputation as finnish version of Anime News Network.

TV capture box

Because buying video recorder would be way too easy. One day I was scrolling trought eBay and found the Turbosight DVB-T2 dual tuner card. Soon I realized that standard PC tower wouldn't look good in my living room, so I got an 4U server case that fits nicely to my TV stand (and looks badass).TV Capture box